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Terristika Hamm Germany Reptile show - June 2015 -  We plan to ship again for the June Hamm Show in Germany. For those of you interested get your orders in prior to the show. We charge $70.00 per gecko for shipping. Note we ship to most places in the world, however a minimum charge does apply.

2015 - The Year of The Super Giants Continues

During the last five seasons we have been busy finding the right Super Giants and Giant Leopard Gecko Morphs that would fit within our Breeding Program. And wow we have been successful. Our geckos are getting bigger each season.

We have bred and aquired some amazing Giant and Super Giant Leopard Gecko Breeders.

One of the ongoing goals for 2014 is to continue to greatly increase the size of most of our Hatchlings. With this in mind we have integrated Super Giant breeders into every program for 2015.

We currently have available the following Giants and Super Giant Leopard Geckos for sale:

  • Ember - Snake Eyed and Red Eyed - Super Giants and Giants
  • Extreme Emerines and Various Emerine Morphs - Super Giants and Giants
  • Eclipse - Blue Spot - Super Giants and Giants
  • Snows - Red Eyed and Albinos - Super Giants and Giants
  • Enigmas - Various Morphs - Super Giants and Giants
  • Bolds/Bandits - Super Giants and Giants
  • RAPTORS - Snake Eyed and Red Eyed - Super Giants and Giants
  • XTreme Raptors - Snake Eyed and Red Eyed - Super Giants and Giants
  • Designers - Super Giants and Giants
  • Tangerines - Hypos, Albinos, and Snows - Super Giants and Giants
  • Albino's - Trempers and Macks - Super Giants and Giants
  • XTreme Albinos - Super Giants and Giants
  • Sunglows - Super Giants and Giants


Newly Available

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We have another site: Samshouseofleopardgeckos.com   At this new site we specialize in several morphs we dont offer on Embergecko.com, such as blazzing Blizzards and Bell's. this is also the place we sell our non-giant morphs and the extra Giants we dont have room to post on Embergecko's site.

At Samshouseofleopardgeckos.com you can trust that you will get the same high quality Leopard Geckos that you have come to expect From embergecko.com.

 Contact me at info@embergecko.com with any questions.

Thank you for stopping by,

James Steinert - Proprietor

Background image is of our Male, Snake Eyed Ember, Quagmire.