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Pro - Leopard Gecko Breeding Rack - 4 position

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Tubs are 16in Wide, 19in Deep and 6in High.  Rack dimension is 17.5in Wide, 21.5in Deep, and 28in High. OUT of STOCK, 3 week lead time needed.

We have spent lots of money over the years on cages and tanks. And it never ceased to amaze me that you could not buy a smaller Pro style rack for anywhere near a fair price. And honestly price really was not the main issue, as was just finding one at all.

So I had this beauty custom made. It consists of a retro fitted Ikea Rack that included a laminate white top, with custom heating trays and slide stops. Includes, Zoo Med heat cable. It came out real nice and they can be stacked 2 high to make the cage an 8 position unit. And it includes the hardware to stack and attach securely to any wall to make sure they never can fall over.

We do recommend you buy a thermostat for the heat cable, but you don’t need too. In our testing the average temp on the bottom of the tubs without the thermostat was 98f in the rear of the cage area and 80f in the front. Honestly that range is perfect. I still recommend you get a thermostat to reduce power consumption and to better regulate the heat year round. Recommend a Helix DBS-1000. Note you can hook up to 4 of these racks on one thermastat.

Tubs are included. They are 16in Wide, 19in Deep and 6in High.

You just place in some paper towels for substrate, some plastic water/food/vitamin dishes and a hide box. Now you have housing for up to 4 Leopard Geckos individually or more housed together.

Of course you can use it for other applications than Leopard Geckos; however when I designed this unit I only had Leopard Geckos in mind.

Shipping is $60.00 UPS Ground anywhere in the USA except Alaska and Hawaii.

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