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What is an Enigma Leopard Gecko?

What is an Enigma?

Enigma Leopard Geckos first occurred from a random genetic mutation that was first noted in 2006 by Mark Bell.  Since 2006 there have been many breeders of Leopard Geckos that have hatched some beautiful examples Now this random mutation is reconized as a Leopard Gecko morph. Enigma

Enigma Leopard Geckos display both visual and action markers for their morph type.  

There are several interesting traits that distinguish an Enigma from any other Leopard Gecko.

The Enigma visual traits are:

  • As a Hatchling they display unusual spots on their heads and body, and as they get older these spots change into what looks almost like dabs from a paint brush or spots. Refer to the background image on our Enigma Available page.  she displays the paint brush effect quite clearly.
  • In many Enigmas the color scale tends to be in the Pastels.
  • Many Enigmas display spots or specks of color as they get older. In my example above, this female is about 11 months old and it does appear that the color she is displaying is the final look for her in adulthood.

Enigma Spin:  The other unusual thing about enigmas is the way they act. There are several unusual things they do that also define them as Enigmas:

  • Enigma Spin:  To a varying degree they will at times spin in circles. Some Enigmas may do this more or less than others. In the case of my GTPA above, she does run around in circles when she is excited. This is the only time she does this. In other Enigmas I have, I will rarely observe this activity. In another case, I have a male, that when excited it will take laps around its cage.
  • Enigma Shake:  If you closely observe your Enigma, you will notice they tend to be somewhat off balance at times and will slightly shake their head. Not to an extreme level, but if you know how Leopard Geckos act, you will notice something is amiss. Note that in some cases this act can go to the extreme and in fact you would need to cease breeding a particular Gecko or make sure you breed it to a non Enigma to solve this problem.
  • Enigma Stare:  I have also noted that many Enigmas will look you directly in the eyes while you handle them. Its actually very cool and quite mesmerizing.
  • Docile:  The other thing I have personally noticed from lots of handling of my Enigmas is that they are far more easy to handle then the typical Leopard Gecko. Meaning that they tend to be less jumpy and will seam more inquisitive compared to other non Enigmas. They seam to actually enjoy being handled.

History:  This morph was first noticed by In 2006 by Mark Bell as a random hatching from one of his breeding programs.