Albino's are a morph we are really going after in 2017. We have several ongoing breeding programs that are finaly paying off with some very nice results.

  • Stone Washed - We offered a limited quantity of these in 2016 and plan to offer more in 2017  Amazing color, pattern and size.
  • XTreme Albinos - this is a combo morph from a random albino we got from a pair of breeder Extreme Emerines we were breeding. then we bred the offspring with Super Giant Sunglows to produce the XTreme Albinos. check out the landing page.
  • Ember Glows - This is a cross between an Ember and Sunglow - They are shown on the XTreme Albino landing page.
  • SGTPA - Super Giant Tremper Patternless Albinos - We will offer a select goup of these as well as Ember Hets.
  • Tremper Designer Albinos - we will be offering these in Banded, Reverse Stripes and Striped. They have real good size and a very high percentage grow out to be Super Giants.
  • Tangerine Albinos - We will be offering a nice Tangerine Albino that is a cross with our Extreme Emerines. These will be available on our Tangerine Albinos page.

We will also be offering some Murphy Patternless Albinos and Albino Enigmas during the season.

Stay tuned for updates. Feel free to let me know if you have an interest in a certain morph or project we are working on and I will try to give you regular updates.

Update:We currently have many sub-adults and adults available for sale. Will post Albino Leopard Geckos available for sale and post updates on the Home page. you can also follow us on Twitter, we are Ember Gecko.

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Snow - Albino - 25% Chance of Super Giant

On Hold
$269.00 Thanks S.B.

On Hold
Hatch Date:
Age as of today:
2 years, 11 days

Size: 73 Grams as of 03/01/19. He has to weigh 80 grams for male within the first 12 months of growth to be considered a Giant. Possible Super Giant!

Color: the Albino Snows show White and Lavender Albino body color displaying Stripes and Jungle patterns OR The non-Albinos display White body color with Black Marking with Stripes and Jungle patterns. Tails tend to have either a stepped or Jungle pattern. Snows usually do not show any orange on the tails. Eyes are silver albino eyes on the Albino snows and Silver black on the non-albinos! Some of the Albino snows display Red veining in the eyes.

Genetics: Based on 100% Tremper Bloodlines, line bred over many seasons.. All of our original breeders we used to create this group were acquired from Ron Tremper. Note that Ron offers very few of these. The breeding group for the most part are all Giants. Giant to Giant = 25% Super Giants, 50% Giants and 25% Normals. Note most of our Snows will grow out to Giants assuming they are fed correctly and provided the correct vitamin supplements during the main growth phase of the first 12 to 18 months.

Breeding: Best to breed Tremper Snows to Tremper Snows to produce Tremper Snows. Another good match would be to breed to Mack snows to create your own Snowline. Note that these line bred Snows will not breed like a Mack snow, so don’t expect the same results! Another great match is to breed to Bandits/Bolds to get a nice mix of Snows and Bandits/Bolds.

Special Marks: Eyes are silver albino eyes on the Albino snows and Silver black on the non-albinos! Some of the Albino snows display Red veining in the eyes.

Comments: He will make a fine addition to any collection/breeding program you may be working on. Our Tremper Snows are fine examples of their Morph type. Rare Valuable Morph type! This morph line bred in this manner is not typically available on other breeder’s sites. We are one of only a few breeders to produce this morph in this way.