Ron Tremper discovered the gene mutation for Green in 2004 giving birth to the "Emerald Line". Taking the original Emeralds, as depicted in Ron's big book " The Herpetoculture of Leopard Gecko's.  He then mixed in the Raptor and Eclipse and Giant genetics, he has now completed his 4rd generation of selective breeding. 

Combining the Emerald and Tangerine colors has created an exciting new color morph called, the "Extreme Emerine".

At Embergecko we have a nice Extreme Emerine leopard gecko breeding group. We do have available Extreme Emerine Leopard Geckos for sale.

Morph Types: 

  • Emerine leopard gecko = Emerald and Tangerine predominate.
  • Lavender Emerine leopard gecko = Emerald, Tangerine and Lavender on the body
  • Emerald Rainbow leopard gecko = Emerald, Tangerine, Yellow, Lavender and Black on the body
  • Lime Emerald leopard gecko = light Green dominates the body
There are various patterns available that include:
  • Striped
  • Reverse Striped
  • Jungle
  • Banded

History:  The Emerald or Emerine morph was first discovered by Ron Tremper in 2004. Extreme Emerine leopard geckos were first produced in 2007. They are known for their Green color mutation. Although they are not a true Green Gecko, you do see levels of Green shown in varing shades. Currently breeding an Emerine to an Emerine will produce 100% Emerines.

2017 Breeding Program Goal:  Our main goal with our Extreme Emerine 2016 Breeding Program is to produce a nice group of Extreme emerines that show a variety of pattern and body color. We are also focusing on size and do expect most of our hatchlings to be Super Giant and Giants. Additionally we are working on some interesting morphs from the 2015 and 2016 seasons, see the 2017 Program pages for more information. Click Emerines. 

I have collected a nice group of breeders this season and expect to get the following morphs:

  • Extreme Emerine and Emerine Leopard Geckos (Tremper) - Super Giants and Giants.
  • Extreme Emerine Raptors (Tremper) - Super Giants and Giants.
  • XTreme Raptor Leopard Geckos (Embergecko), both Snake Eyed and Red Eyed - Super Giants and Giants. Pictured as the Super Giant Available Landing background image is one of our females in the breeding group.
  • XTreme Albino Leopard Geckos (Embergecko) - Super Giants and Giants. Check out the Available Landing page.
  • XTreme Sunglow Leopard Geckos (Embergecko) - Super Giants and Giants.
  • XTreme Tangerines Leopard Geckos (Embergecko), Albinos and Snows - Super Giants and Giants.  

Update: We currently have many hatchlings, Sub-adults and Adults posted for sale. I will post Emerine leopard geckos available for sale and updates on the Home page. you can also follow us on Twitter, we are Ember Gecko.



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Extreme Emerine - Giant - 25% chance of Super Giant

$249.00 Thanks J.K

Hatch Date:
Age as of today:
2 years, 5 months, 24 days

Size:  68 Grams as of 03/01/19.  She has to weigh 60 gram for females within the first 12 months of growth to be considered a Giant.  Possible Super Giant!

Color:  Bright Tangerine in color with no black or dark markings. This is a true Albino morph! Tails tend to be slightly brighter in color producing an amazing carrot tail. Eyes are silver Albino with Red Veining. Head pattern is unique in that is displays lavender patches surrounded by darker orange outlines.

Genetics:  Based on 100% Tremper Bloodlines. All of our original breeders we used to create this group were acquired from Ron Tremper. The breeding group for the most part are all  Giants.   Giant to Giant = 25% Super Giants, 25%  Giants and 25% Normals.  Note most of our Extreme Emerines will grow out to Giants assuming they are fed correctly and provided the correct vitamin supplements during the main growth phase of the first 12 to 18 months.

Breeding:  Best to breed Extreme Emerines to Extreme Emerines to produce Extreme Emerines.  Another good match would be to breed to high contrast Tremper Tangerine Albinos. Note we have created some amazing projects crossing Extreme Emerines to Sunglows and Sunglow Raptors while introducing Giant and Super Giant genetics to increase size!

Special Marks: Silver Albino eyes with Red Veining!

Comments:  She will make a fine addition to any collection/breeding program you may be working on. Our Extreme Emerines are fine examples of their Morph type. Rare Valuable Morph type!