Snows - Line Bred

This page is dedicated to Line Bred Mack Snows, all of these geckos are from Tremper Bloodlines. All of the breeders used for this program were originally purchased from Ron Tremper. These are line bred Mack Snows. We have added to this group with some very nice hatchlings that we have held back and added to the group. There are currently 4 males and 24 females in this group.

We should be able to offer about 150 animals next season.

2017 Breeding Season Update - Had a great season with this group in 2016 and expect to do more of the same in 2017. Quantity was good, but could have been better. Size is getting better with many more Super giants. And variety in pattern is real good. The color is getting better with more being produced that are nearly perfectly White and Black as is our ultimate goal for this entire group.

Pictured to the right is "Daddy", one of our male, Giant Striped Albino Snows (Tremper). He weighs 96 grams. Albino Snows are a subtle beauty you really have to take the time to appreciate. Colors tend to be more subdued but still vivid against such a white skin. We do tend to get some good size from our breeders with a wide range of pattern variety.

I have collected a nice group of breeders for the 2017 season and expect to get the following morphs:

  • Albino Snow Leopard Geckos (Tremper) - Striped, Reverse Striped, Jungles, Patternless, Banded, Mixed Phase, and some Bandits - Super Giants and Giants.
  • Snow Leopard Geckos (Tremper) - Striped, Reverse Striped, Jungles, Patternless, Banded, Mixed Phase, and some Bandits - Super Giants and Giants. Note this is a group line bred over 6 years!

We have an interesting mix of Snows, Bandits, Bolds and Designers we are breeding to our Male Snows this season, so expect to see allot of variety in body pattern and color here. As well as a good mix of Albino Snows and Snows.  We do have available Snow/Albino Snow Leopard Geckos for sale.

Stay tuned for updates. Feel free to let me know if you have an interest in a certain morph or project we are working on and I will try to give you regular updates. 

Update:  We currently have many hatchlings,Sub-adults and Adults. I will post Snow Leopard Geckos available for sale and updates on the Home page. you can also follow us on Twitter, we are Ember Gecko.


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Snow - Striped Albino

For Sale
Hatch Date:
Age as of today:
4 years, 8 months, 23 days

Size:  74 Grams as of 03/01/18.  He has to weigh 80 grams for male within the first 12 months of growth to be considered a Giant.  Possible Super Giant! 

Color:  the Albino Mack Snows show White Albino body color displaying Stripes and Jungle patterns OR The non-Albinos display White and yellow body color with Black Marking with Stripes, bands  and Jungle patterns. Tails tend to have either a stepped or Jungle pattern. Eyes are silver albino eyes on the Albino snows and gray black on the non-albinos!  

Genetics:  Based on 100% John and Amy Mack Bloodlines I purchased from Ron Tremper.  Ron bred for size and the Mack’s he produces and larger than the original Mack bloodlines! The breeding group for the most part are all  Giant in size.   Even though giant genetics don’t truly apply to Mack’s I use this as a reference to their size anyway. Giant to Giant = 25% Super Giants,  50%  Giants  and 25% Normals.  Note most of our Snows will grow out to Giant  and Super Giant size assuming they are fed correctly and provided the correct vitamin supplements during the main growth phase of the first 12 to 18 months.   

Breeding:  Best to breed Mack Snows to Mack Snows to produce Mack Snows.  Another good match would be to breed to Mack Super Snows that would give you a nice mix of Snows, and Super Snows.  

There are different results when breeding Mack Snows. Listed below are different possible combinations. 

Mack Snow x Mack Snow - 25% Super Snow, 50% Mack Snow, 25% Wild Type Mack Snow x Normal - 50% Mack Snow,50% Wild Type Super Snow x Normal - 100% Mack Snow Super Snow x Mack Snow - 50% Super Snow,50% Mack Snow Super Snow x Super Snow - 100% Super Snow 

Special Marks: Eyes are silver albino eyes on the Albino snows and Gray black on the non-albinos!  

Comments:  He will make a fine addition to any collection/breeding program you may be working on. Our Mack Snows are fine examples of their Morph type.  You should expect larger than size from our Mack’s!