2017 Breeding Season Update - This group performed very well in 2016. We saw good size, color and a diverse display of pattern. The HCTB's were very bright and patternless and the Designer Tangerine amazed as usual. We produced some amazing Tangerine X Emerine Cross's that may have been some of the most beautiful geckos we ever produced to date. This will continue in 2017 with better brighter color and size.

The breeder pictured to the right is a Tremper Super Giant Tangerine Albino. This Morph is not typically seen in the market. They are a result of Ron Tempers, Extreme Emerine Project. We are lucky enough to have these in Super Giant size leopard geckos.

We also have some Hot JG Tangerine Giants, that are also a bi-product of the Tremper Extreme Emerine Project. And of course we have the popular Super Hypo Baldy Tangerines W/Carrot Tails. And some great Designer Tangerines. We do have a nice group of breeders. We do have available Tangerine Leopard Geckos for sale.

I have to say that our breeders are all very nice examples of Tangerines, showing some very bright oranges and almost red color in some cases. We expect great things from this group in 2013.

Tangerine Morphs we hope to have for 2017:

  • Tremper HOT JG Tangerine leopard geckos - Super Giant and Giant  
  • Tangerine RAPTOR leopard geckos - Super Giant and Giant
  • Hypo Tangerines and Baldy Tangerine leopard geckos - Super Giant and Giant
  • Super Hypo Tangerine Baldy's w/Carrot Tails
  • Tangerine Albinos - Striped, Banded and Jungle Phase leopard geckos
  • Tangerine Eclipse leopard geckos
  • Tangerine tornados - New for this season!

Stay tuned for updates. Feel free to let me know if you have an interest in a certain morph or project we are working on and I will try to give you regular updates. 2017 Breeding Season is going to be real strong in the morph. We got some real good results in 2015 and 2016, and have held back many of the best geckos for the 2017 programs.

Update:We currently have many sub-adults and adults available for sale. Will post Tangerine Leopard Geckos available for sale and post updates on the Home page. you can also follow us on Twitter, we are Ember Gecko.

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Tangerine - Hypo Carrot Tail Baldy (HTCB) - Giant - 25% chance of Super Giant

For Sale
Hatch Date:
Age as of today:
2 years, 9 months, 11 days

Size: 82 Grams as of 03/02/19. He has to weigh 80 grams for male within the first 12 months of growth to be considered a Giant. Possible Super Giant!

Color: Patternless body and head with bright Tangerine body color. Hatchlings do display some dark body marking that fade as they grow older and are usually gone by 6 months of age. Tail is White in color with black markings and a Bright Orange carrot tail at the base.

Genetics: Based on 100% Urban Gecko bloodlines. All of our original breeders we used to create this group were acquired from Ron Tremper who breeds Urban gecko bloodlines for size and color. The breeding group for the most part are all Super Giants and Giants. Super Giant to Giant = 50% Super Giants, and 50% Giants. Note most of our HCTB’s will grow out to Giants assuming they are fed correctly and provided the correct vitamin supplements during the main growth phase of the first 12 to 18 months.

Breeding: Breed HCTB’s to HCTB’s to produce HCTB’s. I don’t suggest you cross these geckos to others as the true value in the morph is its clean HCTB look and genetics! There are projects you can work on that involve breeding bright animals to the HCTB’s to increase color, however in most cases you will end up with a gecko that is het for albino!

Special Marks: Totally patternless body and bright color! Eyes are dark gray!

Comments: He will make a fine addition to any collection/breeding program you may be working on. Our HCTB’s are fine examples of their Morph type. High quality Genetics and bright color!