2017 Breeding Season Update - 2016 was a very good year for this group. The color was very good and we saw a nice group of Jungles added to the mix. I have added several new females to the group and expect to produce larger, brighter and more quantity then ever before. With a more diverse display of pattern.

This group has actually produced bright more solid Tangerine geckos than even our Tremper Extreme Emerine group. Its been a good year so far. 

Started this project during the 2010 Breeding Program, after one of my breeding pairs of Giant Extreme Emerines produced an amazing random Raptor Male. This 2011 Breeding Program, I introduced this male to several of my Female Extreme Emerines and I was able to produce some nice female examples, as well as a back-up male. Note they are 100% Tremper Extreme Emerines with Snake/Red/Black Eclipse Eyes.

Extreme Emerine RAPTOR's -  I hope to produce about 20 of these next season again and will post at least 30 for sale. I will hold back the rest for the 2017 season. We should see Banded's, Patternless, Jungles and Striped.  Will update as we move forward.

I also introduced my best two Sunglow Raptor males to my Extrme Emerine Raptor females and produced a fantastic cross we offerd in the 2012 Breeding Season.

Introducing the XTreme RAPTOR

In 2010 I hatched out two Random female Extreme Emerines that displayed Snake Eyes and Red Eyes. 

In 2011 I took these two females and bred them to the best and largest two Sunglow Raptors that we had. We selected size, color, and head pattern as primary selection choices for the males. Those two females produced the first 6 XTreme Raptor females and 2 of the males for 2011 that we kept. As well as a small group of Aptors. Kept some of these as well.

In 2012 I bred the two males and the 6 females i had from 2011.  The posted XTreme Raptors and Aptors were a result of this program. Note that these Raptors/Aptor are not pure Raptors/Aptors in the normal sense, they are designer geckos, so if you are trying to produce pure Raptors/Aptors this is not the gecko you should be buying, please look at our Raptor/Aptor page for pure Tremper Raptors/Aptors.

I produced about 160 of these during the 2016 Program. 5 of which we held back for the 2017 Program.

In 2017 we should produce about 180 of these.  About half of the 180 i sell will most likely be pre-sold to overseas and domestic collectors and breeders. The program consists of 6 males and approx 29 females.

We plan to produce version 2.0 as we call it, later this year. Gecko should look like an XTreme Albino with Red/SE eyes.

The background picture is of one of our male XTreme RAPTOR breeders.

For 2016 we plan to offer the following morph variations:

  • Extreme Emerine Raptors - Super Giant and Giant - These are pure 100% Extreme Emerine (Tremper). Random production of SE and Red Eyes. Very limited Quantity available.
  • XTreme Raptors - Super Giant and Giant - 50% Extreme Emerine and 50% Sunglow Raptor (Tremper/Embergecko)

We are real excited about this morph. The color and patterns are fantastic. I expect about 50% of our hatchlings in 2016 to be Super Giants with the balance mostly Giants. The few normals we produce will be sold on our site.

Please contact me at for more information. Also note i will post updates as we move forward into the 2016 Breeding Season.

Update:We currently have many hatchlings, Sub-adults and Adults available for sale. Will post XTreme Raptors available for sale and post updates on the Home page. you can also follow us on Twitter, we are Ember Gecko.


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Xtreme Raptor - 50% chance of Giant

For Sale
Hatch Date:
Age as of today:
1 years, 3 months, 4 days
Poss Emerine

Un-sexed due to age

Size: 45 Grams as of 03/02/19. He/she has to weigh 80 grams for male/60 gram for females within the first 12 months of growth to be considered a Giant. Possible Super Giant!

Color: Bright Tangerine in color similar to that of an Extreme Emerine! Head pattern is also the same as an Extreme Emerine with Darker Burnt Orange markings. XTreme Raptors/Aptors tend to express Lavender on the body. Tails are typically white with bright orange. No black as this morph is a true Albino!

Genetics: 100% Embergecko – Original genetics based on 100% Tremper Bloodlines.. All of our original breeders we used to create this group were acquired from Ron Tremper. This morph is a combo of breeding Extreme Emerines, Raptors and Sunglows over many years. The breeding group for the most part are all Super Giants and Giants. Super Giant to Giant = 50% Super Giants, and 50% Giants . Note most of our XTreme Raptor/Aptor will grow out to Giants and Super Giants assuming they are fed correctly and provided the correct vitamin supplements during the main growth phase of the first 12 to 18 months.

Breeding: Breed XTreme Raptor/Aptors to XTreme Raptor/Aptors to produce XTreme Raptor/Aptors. Another project would be to breed with Sunglows to create a super Sunglow Raptor or breed to Extreme Emerines to create a Raptor Project with super bright color. I would also try breeding to our Raptor Tangerine Hets!

Special Marks: Bright high contrast color with Extreme Emerine markings on the head. Red or snake Eyes!

Comments: He/She will make a fine addition to any collection/breeding program you may be working on. Our XTreme Raptor/Aptors are fine examples of their Morph type. Rare high value morph. Easily can be the best in your collection!