Bandits & Bolds

I really enjoy the Bandit and Bold Leopard Geckos. There is such a wide variety of color and pattern in this Morph that each and every hatchling has something speacial to offer. We have a very nice group of breeders in this category are all Super Giants and Giants.

Why is a Bandit a Bandit and a Bold a Bold?

  • Bandits = They have a band across their nose, have higher  color contrast than a Bold, and they keep a higher level of black as an adult.
  • Bold = Looks like a Bandit without a complete band across the nose.

Our main goal with our Bandit and Bold Leopard Gecko Breeder Program is to produce a group of hatchlings that represent a wide variety of patterns and color traits. Certainly it would be nice to see some interesting body and head patterns as well as a high percentage being Super Giants with some Giants.

Bandit and Bold Morphs we hope to have for 2017:

  • Banded Bandit and Bold Leopard Geckos - Super Giants and Giants - We should see plenty Bandits and Bolds as we have a nice group of breeders. We do hope to see some with a Happy Face on their heads as two of our breeders share this feature.  Should have about 140 hatchlings for 2017.
  • Striped and Reverse Striped Bandit and Bold Leopard Geckos - Super Giants and Giants - Again we should see plenty of these Morphs as we have a nice group of breeders. Should have about 100 hatchlings for 2017.
  • Jungle and Mixed Phase Bandit and Bold Leopard Geckos - Super Giant and Giants - This group of breeders is slightly smaller than the Striped groups, but we should still see at least 80 hatchlings. Hope to see some with a Happy Face on their heads also.

Also have some great Bold/Bandit Hets i will offer. Honestly some of the vbst Bolds/Bandits you ever see come from great Het Breeders.


Stay tuned for updates. Feel free to let me know if you have an interest in a certain morph or project we are working on and I will try to give you regular updates.

Note: Some of the above mentioned Programs may take several seasons of breeding to accomplish. Some Programs may never be realized, while others will be highly successful.

Update:We currently have many hatchlings, sub-adults and adults posted. Will post Bandits and Bold Leopard Geckos available for sale and post updates on the Home page. you can also follow us on Twitter, we are Ember Gecko.