Terms and Conditions

Live Animal Guarantee

All animals sold are guaranteed to arrive at the customers ship address in good health and for 48 hours after the arrival time. Arrival time is transmitted by the shipper directly to

  • We make every effort to ship at times when the temperatures are optimal for the Geckos good health during transit. Typically we are looking for your delivery location  to be between 60F and 100F.
  • You must be present to receive the shipment during the  time and day agreed upon during the purchase process. Many times the shipper (Fed Ex/UPS) will require a signature upon delivery.
  • Delivery time will vary depending on weather and the area of the country you live in. We will notify you of the shipping schedule before the shipment goes out.
  • We do require you to send us a email within 24 hours of delivery if there is any form of a health issue.
  • You are required to make sure that if the animal does not arrive on time as per prior shipping arrangements that you will contact the shipper using the tracking information provided prior to shipping from
  • We cannot guarantee an animal once 48 hours has passed as we cant monitor how you are caring for them.
  • If your Gecko arrives dead, we need to be notified within 24 hours by phone (208-809-8690) or email will need photographic proof and we may require the return of the body. If we ask this of you, you will need to place the body in your freezer to freeze it for shipping. We will instruct you on  how to return it to us. Note this is a very rare situation. 99.98% of the time all goes smoothly. In this situation we will provide a suitable replacement of the gecko at our cost plus shipping. 
  • We do not guarantee the sex of the Gecko you have purchased. 
  • We will provide you with Care Instructions when you make the purchase. We do recommend you follow these care instructions for the optimal health of your Gecko.
  • We do guarantee that the Gecko you purchased is in fact the one you receive. If there is any discrepancy in what you thought you ordered and the Gecko you receive certainly notify us as soon as possible.
  • We reserve the right to replace any Gecko that is deemed to be in ill health or has died in transit or within the 48 hour guarantee. We do guarantee to provide a gecko of the same Morph and sex, as well as size.

Once your animal has arrved inspect your Gecko/s and let us know as soon as possible that they have arrived in good health. If there is any kind of problem, let us know this as well so we can resolve the problem. We are dedicated to you the Customer and Reptile Enthusiast being totally satisfied with your Gecko and the experience of dealing with

Read the Care Instructions if you are unfamiliar with the care of Leopard Geckos. Remember your Gecko has to get used to its new surroundings, and all Geckos need more of less time from individual to individual Gecko. Some are eating and fine in the first day, others take 2 months to start eating and pooping regularly. so be patient and keep records.


Shipping in the USA

Most Geckos are shipped either UPS or Fed Ex overnight. In some cases due to location the delivery time may be later. Prior delivery time notification will be provided. Live delivery Guaranteed. We charge $60.00 per shipment up to 20 Geckos per shipment.

We do ship in approved insulated live animal shipping box's. In some cases due to weather we may include a heat/cold pack in the box.

Shipments are delivered to a local shipping hub in the afternoons to assure your animal spends the least amount of time in transit. Then the following day you will receive delivery. Note that if there is a delivery delay, you are responsible to contact the shipper using the Tracking number we will provide you before your shipment goes out.

International Orders 

We do ship internationaly. There is a minimun order size of approximatly 10 to 20 animals. The minimum shipping cost is about $700.00 USD for up to 20 geckos. For those of you who want shipping to the Hamm Shows in Germany, we do provide a single gecko rate of $70.00 USD for delivery to the shows.

Canadian Orders

Canadian orders are treated the same as international orders. There is one way to simplify this: If you live nearby the USA/Canadian border or have a friend who does, you could drive over the border and pick up your shipment in most any city in the USA. We will just ship you Geckos to a nearby Fed Ex/UPS drop point for your pick up.